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Frequently Asked DWI Questions

Even though in most cases a DWI is a misdemeanor in North Carolina,

they can carry some of the strictest penalties on the books, including

Honest-to-God jail time. The DWI laws are also some of the most

complex and confusing laws on the books. Below is a link to a booklet

I've prepared called Your DWI Case that will hopefully answer some of

more basic and general questions. NOTE: This booklet is not intended as

a substitute for legal advice or representation of a lawyer. I've said it a

million times and I'll say it again: DO NOT try to represent yourself against

any criminal charge! This is especially true with a DWI charge.

I recommend you do two things: 1 - Don't Talk. 2 - Call Bob.

The DWI booklet will require you to have the PDF Reader, which, in case you haven't already you can download here.